Say Lovey Sparkling White Wine Vin Sec x 6

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C’est la vie, the French say. A popular phrase meaning ‘such is life’. Well sometimes life happens, and when it does we need to embrace it and rise above it.

Most people take a sip of this bubbly, melt and shout “That is life!”. So look on the bright side. There’s nothing better than an ice-cold bottle of Say Lovey bubbly shared among friends. Pop the cork, feel lifted and spread the luurve.


This is an off-dry(semi-sweet) Sauvignon Blanc sparkling wine with loads of tropical fruit on the nose and very crisp and refreshing on the palate.

It is perfect as a welcome drink to guests or enjoy the wine on its own on a sunny day.

Goes well with, Sushi, strawberries, peri-peri prawns. The wine will keep well over one  year.

Store in a cool and dark place. Once open, finish or close tightly and keep refrigerated.

Serve chilled at 14-16 degrees celcius.

Finish within two days – not that you need any more encouragement.

Alc: 11.16 RS: 30.9 T A: 6.6 g/l pH: 3.24 VA: SO2: FSO2

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